About us

A leadership convening to explore top-line challenges facing ag and co-design solutions.​

The 2021 Honor the Harvest forum is happening at a critical inflection point as we pivot from COVID-19 and prepare to bring U.S. agriculture to the global stage at the UN Food Systems Summit and COP 26.


It’s time to roll up our sleeves and accelerate collaboration for the food and ag sector to strategically co-create the next decade together.

“It is critical we continue to work together to harness innovation and technology in American agriculture and help our farmers thrive.”

-Sonny Perdue, former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture
Farmer walking in a field, carrying freshly picked spring onions.

We connect farmers and ranchers to food and agriculture stakeholders to co-create sustainable food systems.

Join farmers and ranchers, government, NGOs, food, and agriculture leaders to co-create the sustainable food systems of the future through unprecedented collaboration, innovation, and education. The 2021 Honor the Harvest forum brings 150 selected top leaders together for a powerful dialogue to develop a resilient, restorative, economically viable, and climate-smart agricultural system that produces abundant and nutritious food, natural fiber, and clean energy for a sustainable, vibrant, and prosperous America.

Aerial view of farmer and tractor with crop seeder

Farmers and ranchers uniquely enable the sustainable food systems of the future by nourishing our communities, natural resources, and planet.

Our Vision can only be realized if we continue to meet the moment. We can collectively shift agriculture over the next ten years to be net-neutral for greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately a net positive sector – effectively erasing the footprint of how our food is grown while offsetting other industries.

“The potential to sequester large amounts of carbon presents a tremendous economic opportunity that can be spread to farmland across the country. Every farm, every acre, every voice matters. "

-Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture
(September 8, 2020)
Soya plantation. Soyabean in farm.